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    Artist Candy  Title HOT CANDY 
    Catalogue No HSP01023-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Go, girlfriends! Warisan, performed by a heavy metal-hard rock, all female band from Sarawak. Check out this transition from a traditional Sarawak folk song to heavy metal. Light years away from the rain forest 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Various artists  Title MALAYSIA MERDU 
    Catalogue No HMCD5099  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Dongdang Sayang, a traditional song from the State of Melaka from a rare compilation of regional Malaysian songs sung in original dialect. Performances by Rohani Aziz, Rahim Jantan, Hanafiah Yunus, Norma Alang, Abdullah Chik, Hail Amir and others. Unique crossover mixture of old and new styles 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Jelmol  Title JELMOL: EMAS PERMATA 
    Catalogue No HSP01097-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Jelmol, a group of five mountain men of Northern Malaysia, are some of the most original singer-songwriters we have heard in a long time. Immensely popular in Malaysia, they mix folk styles and sing in the obscure Orang asli dialect unknown even to most Malaysians, which they mix ingeniously with heavy metal, rock & roll and sentimental ballads. Very clever, good listening, you will love it 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Permata  Title PERMATA 
    Catalogue No HMCD5051  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Menuai Cinta from Permata, a trio of women who sing qasidah modern, a type of Islamic pop common to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore with a sound much more like the Middle East than East Asia. Complete with a backbeat of dangdut rhythms, improvisatory melodies and lyrics with moral and contemporary messages, this interesting CD gives us a glimpse of life in Malaysia today 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Zaleha Hamid  Title KENENGAN 35 TAHUN DUNIA DANDUT KU 
    Catalogue No HSP01040-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Mabuk Dan Judi from Malaysia's Bollywood dangdut superstar Zaleha Hamid. South Indian style vocals with Arabic and Portuguese spices, 1950-60s style a la P. Ramlee. Dance your feet off 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Catalogue No HMCD5017  Price $ 19.99 
    Review Burung Burung Ayam, a traditional zapin dance from a double CD set that offers an excellent variety of traditional dance music from Malaysia, performed in an authentic style. Joget (a social dance originating from Portuguese Branyo), inang (a folk dance performed for Malacca's Sultans) and zapin (a dance originating from Persia that concentrates on movements of the feet) point to the influences that touched Malaysia's rich musical culture 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Yusni Hamid, Jatt, Aslina Ismail, Salih Yaacob, Zarinah, R. Ismail, various artists  Title MELAYU DELI, VOL. 2 
    Catalogue No HSP01049-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Sayang Sarawak sung by Jatt, from a uniquely romantic medley of songs, accompanied by kit drums, accordion, bass, flute and keyboards. Performances by Malaysia's top of the pop vocalists Yusni Hamid, R. Ismail, Jatt, Aslina Ismail, Salih Yaacob and Zarinah 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Catalogue No HSP01082-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review So you think you know all there is to know about cultural fusion? Tarantula, a Surfer chant, from a crazy mixture of SKA, surf rock and Islamic chant from the Malaysian surfer dudes, Jojo and Butcher de Curryman 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Abdullah Chik, Normadiah, Zeleha Hamid, Rahim Jantan, Jatt, Lina, Kamariah Noor, Malek Ridzuan, Sofie, S., Rahim jantan, Ann, Hasnah Kana, Sulaiman Idros  Title SENANDUNG MELAYU, VOL. 1 & 2 
    Catalogue No HMCD5145/5146  Price $ 19.99 
    Review Pancaran Senja sung by Jatt from a double CD set of Malaysian qasidah modern and other traditional songs performed by Abdullah Chik, Zaleha Hamid, Rahim Jantan, Kamariah Noor and other top stars. A great compilation of Malaysian Islamic pop 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Hetty Koes Endang  Title NOSTALGIA PILIHAN 
    Catalogue No HMCD5050  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Jangan Tinggal Daku performed by Hetty Koes Endang from a collection of nostalgic and romantic Malaysian songs from the 1950s. Indonesia's favorite singer, Hetty Endang, and one of Malaysia's celebrated vocalists, Abdullah Chik, sing a fine collection of tunes by P. Ramlee, the father of Malaysian popular music 
    Sample       Region INDONESIA, MALAYSIA 
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    Catalogue No AZCD003  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Dia Datang by Fadzil Ahmad, Malaysia's outstanding Ghazal artist, from a rousing collection of performances by Malaysian traditional musicians: Jamie Chik, Datin Orchid Absullah, Aspalela Abdullah and, of course, the fantastic Fadzil Ahmad. Exhilarating rhythms and melismatic melodies reveal the cultural crossroads and ethnic influences of this rich, wonderful music from Malaysia. Go for it, you bellydancing fool! 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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    Artist Spider  Title NGAM HO 
    Catalogue No HSP01074-2  Price $ 14.99 
    Review Crying in the Rain (English) and the Malaysian language version, Tak Esok Lusa from Spider, a popular folk-rock group from Malaysia. Original songs, tight arrangements, Malaysia's first SKA band 
    Sample       Region MALAYSIA 
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